Baby Planner and Maternity Concierge

Trinytei Aaron has 10 years nannying experience from children as young as 6 weeks old to 12 year old. She has 4 years staffing experience. She has studied as an apprentice under her mother for over 5 years and has far exceeded the expectations of her clients as she possesses a knowledge far beyond her years and a life long input on her family’s tutelage.

Every family deserves dependable child care and elder care.  Having a family shouldn’t be a speedbump of our careers.  Our goal at LBC is make sure every family has the care and support they need. No parent should have to feel as though they are going it alone. Our process is made to foster positive and long lasting relationships between caregivers and parents. Our team members have over 30 years experience and know what to look for and how to save time.

Our caregivers are the best because we only work with the best it is our experience that children grow up will a strong sense of self and harmony when the people their caregivers are top notch.  The LBC community is here to support families in the US and those in need of care.