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Save Time and Money

A benefit program for emergency or planned in-home care services is a necessity for modern businesses. When working families struggle with work-life issues it can be a problem for their employers as well. Research shows that organizations offering employer-sponsored child care benefits in all the areas that matter to your bottom line: employee engagement, retention, recruitment, loyalty, and productivity.

Our benefits program offers your employees back-up and long term care solutions at a group rates. Companies can opt to subsidize the entire program or a percentage annually.

When nearly 70 percent of employees say the cost of care influences their career decisions, it’s in a company’s best interest to help their employees manage these costs and to understand that employees’ lives outside of work impact performance in the office.

Many women drop out of the work force especially when their employer doesn’t offer the right kind of support. Our Maternity Concierge Services will help you retain your talent by being there step by step allowing your employees to be focused on work when they are working and be focused parents when at home.

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Positive ROI

Research shows that employers can expect a $3-$4 return for every $1 invested in back-up care due to less absenteeism, better productivity, and a reduction in employee turnover.

Parents work better when they’re not worried about their children — 95% of employees say child care support helps them focus on the job.



Our Services


  • Backup Care only


  • Backup Care
  • Nanny Placement


  • Backup Care
  • Nanny Placements
  • Maternity Concierge

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